Market Hit: Leverage CE Global data to accurately track Abercrombie’s total revenue beat and its underlying drivers

In the wake of ANF’s revenue beat, management spoke about how a less promotional agenda was a major driver behind stronger-than-expected revenue growth. CE Global Transact data – pulling from the US, UK and five continental European countries – shows that ANF hit a record-high average ticket size in Q1, growing faster than inflation, year-over-year. Additionally, the company looked to have had more success in driving larger ticket activity, relative to peers.

ANF Surges Above Consensus

Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF) recently reported a total sales increase of +22.1%, close to CE Vantage Implied Reported Growth of +24.4% and significantly above consensus of +13.9%. The company also beat on comparable sales, margins, and EPS and adjusted full-year guidance upwards. As a result of the top-to-bottom beat and better-than-expected outlook, the stock traded up +20% on Wednesday.

Average Ticket Year-Over-Year Spend Growth

Abercrombie cited a less promotional agenda – which in turn translated to larger tickets – as one of the key drivers of the quarter’s outperformance. Leveraging CE Transact’s Global data for Abercrombie and a series of its peers shows that ANF has successfully defended average ticket growth better than competitors, so far through 2024. This is especially impressive when contrasted against the narrative of shoppers pulling back even further on discretionary spending in light of higher-for-longer inflation.

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