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Transaction Data for Financial Services

Transact is the premier merchant-attributable alternative data set tracking consumer spend. Available for US and EUR, public and private investors choose Transact for its panelized and unpanelized feeds of our 93M+ credit and debit card data set with industry-leading reliability, accuracy, and quality.


Credit & Debit Card Data for Corporate Brands

Vision delivers unrivaled consumer spending intelligence that covers brands in 26 industries and 125 subindustries by channel. Global retail, CPG, and private investors alike use Vision to discover new competitors, identify new growth opportunities, evaluate cross-shopping trends, and inform business strategy.


Point-of-Sale & Receipt Data

New & improved coming soon! US financial services investors and corporate clients leverage Receipt POS to unlocks insights into consumer spending rolled up to the ticker and brand levels, with data collected from major retailers as well as online giants like Amazon.


SKU-Level Website Purchase Data

Web provides insights into global ecommerce consumer spending in near real-time, with web scraping & monitoring data from across the internet combined with our proprietary attribution and analytics