Leverage best-in-class consumer alternative data

Global consumer data for targeted investment decisions and portfolio monitoring

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As the leading alternative data provider, CE Transact provides unparalleled consumer transaction data spanning the US and European markets, with Signal panelized aggregated feeds and Prime unpanelized transaction-level data. Analyze through our cloud-based platform, Excel templates, or machine readable feeds via AWS, GCS, or Snowflake.


Global Coverage

Expand your investment horizons with data spanning 5 continents, 40K merchants, 1.8K tickers, and 93M+ cards, unlocking opportunities across the world.


Data Depth

Explore detailed data with row-level granularity, empowering you to make decisions with the highest precision.


Over 90% Predictive Accuracy

Base your investment strategies on trustworthy insights with high correlations to real-world results.


Differentiated Data Types

Broaden your data portfolio with a diverse range of sources, such as transaction, web, scanner, and receipt data, for a holistic view of market trends and consumer behavior.

Use Cases

  • Develop Algorithms and Validate Investment Theses

    • Develop, back-test, and operate trading algorithms using alternative data as a key input
    • Support or refute identified trade and investment theses using alternative data elements
  • Generate Investment Ideas from Real-Time Market Knowledge

    • Source potential thematic, sectoral, or symbol-level trade and investment ideas using alternative data insights
    • Ensure equal footing with competitors and reduce information asymmetries
  • Gain Macro and Micro Insights for Portfolio Monitoring

    • Inform projections for key macroeconomic indicators such as retail sales and inflation while enabling investors to anticipate burgeoning tailwinds and headwinds
    • Support valuation models with real-time projections using granular transaction data feeds, monitor existing positions to make buy/hold/sell decisions

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Maximize investment gains with Consumer Edge


Superior Data Quality

Boost your competitive edge with best-in-class data offering broad merchant coverage and tracking of over 12,000 brands in both online and offline channels.


Complex Cohort Analyses

Harness advanced analytics to gain deep insights into complex market dynamics and supercharge your investment confidence with sophisticated cohort analyses.


Streamlined Analysis and Customization

Simplify your analysis process with customizable and easy-to-use direct data feeds and dashboard views. Dive into detailed market trends and uncover valuable opportunities with efficiency.


Raw Transaction Data

Unlock the power of granular insights, enabling your teams to conduct in-depth analyses, derive meaningful patterns, and develop cutting-edge models to drive innovation.

Use Cases

  • Efficient Deal Sourcing And Screening

    • Screen fast-growing brands in any consumer sub-industry or search for those lagging and open to capital discussions

    • Harness the largest brand coverage in the market with 12K+ brands in the dataset, ideal for live diligences and deal sourcing

  • Validate Investment Theses And Assess Potential Targets

    • Access accurate, near real-time transaction data to analyze customer retention, competitive performance, growth trends, and more for live diligences

    • Easily integrate pre-built dashboards and direct data feeds into your existing process

  • Optimize Portfolio Monitoring

    • Collaborate with leadership, strategy, and marketing teams to improve competitive positioning, customer retention, and promotion effectiveness

    • Expand your analytics capabilities with our highly experienced insights team providing ongoing support for data users of all skill levels

  • Uncover Emerging Trends And Stay Ahead of Competition

    • Analyze macro trends to understand structural shifts in the economy, such as online vs. brick & mortar customer behavior

    • Identify weekly winners in sales, average ticket, or transaction numbers, and discover the next big thing before your competitors


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