Empowering Global Markets with Unrivaled Consumer Intelligence

Consumer Edge is your key to data-driven decision making via deep insights into global consumer spending behavior.

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Global data at your fingertips

Tap into a wealth of data with robust history, spanning across 5 continents. Access data from more than 40,000 merchants and 1,800 tickers to fuel your organization with a complete understanding of the global market landscape.

100M accounts

~100M accounts with activity over 5.5+ year history

Let quality data fuel your success

Harness a streamlined platform with unmatched data cleansing and enrichment capabilities for access to granular level details. Experience the gold standard in analytical expertise to empower your decision-making with bespoke insights.

40k  brands

40K brands tracked with global spend

Ironclad privacy compliance

Access multiple privacy-compliant data types across regions, safeguarded by a proprietary framework adhering to global protection norms, such as GDPR. Trust in data that meets the tightest safety and compliance standards.

1,800 tickers

1,800 tickers tracked for analysis and benchmarking
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Break through the noise and amplify your analysis with up-to-the-minute, top-tier consumer transaction data covering more than 12,000 brands.
  • Validate your thesis
  • Accurately size your market
  • Conduct thorough due diligence
  • Monitor your portfolio effectively

Who We Serve

Corporate Brands

Leverage market insights and shopper intelligence from the leader in consumer transaction data for confident decision-making. Enhance performance with real-time sales data, cross-shop, customer loyalty & retention, and wallet share.
  • Benchmark against competitors
  • Plan strategically
  • Analyze geographically
  • Streamline corporate development / M&A
  • Boost sales, partnerships & marketing

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