Last week’s Northeastern snowstorm may have come as a surprise to some shoppers, but not CE WeatherOptics subscribers!  WeatherOptics predicted disruption from the storm well in advance of the event, and in today’s Insight Flash, we dig into which businesses were most disrupted in the Syracuse-Auburn CSA and how disruption impacted nationwide sales for Eventbrite.

Among the businesses seeing the most negative sales impact due to the storm, Frontier Airlines saw fewer shoppers booking flights to a snowbound destination.  Fiverr saw fewer customers needing freelancers, perhaps as some businesses closed due to unexpectedly icy conditions.  Eventbrite saw fewer customers going out to attend events.  Finally, home furnishings sales suffered at Pottery Barn Kids and Teen as well as Crate & Barrel.

Top Negative Sales Impact Due to Weather

Note:  Syracuse-Auburn CSA; 4/18/22-4/19/22; subscription services removed; index represents the percent of tracked spend that would have occurred if no weather event had been present – values over 1 indicate that non-weather impacted sales would have been higher than double spend seen

The negative impact on Eventbrite wasn’t only in New York State, but across the Midwest as well.  Weather led to a -4.9% reduction in Eventbrite spend for 4/18, and a -2.3% reduction on 4/19.  A generally chilly April has hurt the company as a whole – only the warmest states on the West Coast and in the Southeast have seen a positive sales lift due to weather, with a -0.5% decline in weather-impacted spend.

EB National Weather Impact 4/18-4/19

EB National Weather Impact 4/1-4/19