Insight Flash: Ahead of Oddity Tech’s highly-anticipated IPO, CE Transaction data reveals strong retention and revenue growth vs U.S. DTC peers as well as encouraging customer behavior abroad.

Will personalization efforts with the use of AI and customer data be enough to distinguish Oddity from other leading companies in the DTC beauty products industry? As Oddity Tech prepares for its highly-anticipated IPO, we use CE Data to explore performance vs. competitors, customer retention metrics, and demographic mix relative to other key players. CE data also provides insight into UK retention as the company expands operations overseas.

US Revenue

Oddity Tech has maintained strong revenue growth relative to U.S. DTC competitors, even through a normalization period in the year following its initial launch.

US Spend by Age Group

Oddity brands Il Makiage and Spoiled Child generate over 50% of U.S. revenue from people in the 35-54 age group, meaningfully higher than key DTC competitors. This skew presents opportunities for Oddity to market toward a younger demographic that is more-heavily influenced by social media.

US Retention

Il Makiage and Spoiled Child command much higher retention rates vs. competitors in the U.S., indicating that the personalization strategy is resonating with customers.

UK Retention

In the UK, Il Makiage’s one quarter customer retention is at new highs as the company continues expansion efforts in the region.

Michael Gunther is the VP Head of Insights for the CEIC. Explore more of his insights here and follow him on LinkedIn.