State of the Global Consumer 2023 Q3

White Paper

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In this installment of the State of the Global Consumer, Consumer Edge highlights top trends in consumer spending across the globe through the lens of companies looking for growth opportunities in fast-growing sectors.

Based on our CE Transact Global dataset, this report examines consumer spending in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Austria. Now you can look back at 2023 Q3 to uncover trends and opportunities by country, subindustry, channel, region, and demographics.

  • Are one-off events causing a change in course for consumer spending, or will changes revert to prior norms?
  • How did residual pent-up demand from COVID affect summer fun in entertainment and leisure?
  • How is financial awareness and planning impacting consumer shopping across different categories?

These themes are evident whether looking at the data globally or digging into trends for individual countries, subindustries, channels, regions, or demographics. This report shows you how to make consumer transaction data work for you and provides growth opportunities and insights along the way.


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