Five Ways Customer Insights Teams Can Turn Demographic Data from Interesting to Actionable

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Almost all Customer Insights teams want to understand the demographics of their shopper base. Knowing who their customer is can help analysts and executives figure out where to target initiatives, what new segments can produce growth opportunities, and why those customers choose to shop and choose to leave.

In this white paper, we’ll use Consumer Edge data to illustrate five ways you can transform demographic data from interesting to actionable.

  • Make Sure Demographics are Direct, Not Inferred
  • Beware of Unadjusted Biases
  • Always Dig A Layer Deeper
  • Keep the Big Picture in Mind
  • Go Beyond Demographic Data When You Can

Whether you’re a market research maven working on global brands or just dipping your toes into the power of alternative data to inform your products’ retail and ecommerce strategic planning, this report shows you how to make the data work for you.


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