Web Scraping Data with Proprietary Attribution

Web scraping data has been around the block. It provides you with insights into global ecommerce consumer spending with website monitoring data from across the internet. While that’s not new or groundbreaking, what is intriguing is what you get with web scraping data from Consumer Edge.

Since 2009, Consumer Edge has been the leader in providing top hedge funds, asset managers, and institutional investors with alternative data. Web is detailed web scraping activity data combined with Consumer Edge proprietary attribution and analytics. You can use it to estimate website activity including inventory, purchase data, media access, and more.

Moreover, Web applies customization to data for each individual company tracked to provide the most relevant and detailed view of company performance drivers. Let’s dive deeper into why Web is an essential piece of your analytical toolkit.

Forecast Quarterly Earnings

Web provides product-level purchase details by vendor and mapped to parent company tickers. Data covers 350M annual transactions, 11K brands, and 190 countries. With metrics tailored to each company to match their reporting and combined with CE’s proprietary attribution for a fuller picture across datasets.

You can trust Web to help you forecast quarterly earnings with more precision. Plus, sites are monitored as frequently as every 6 hours with as quick as a 1-day lag so you have near real-time intelligence.

Example of forecasting capabilities in Web for Carvana.

Leverage Inventory as a Leading Indicator

Web’s monitoring and scraping data takes a snapshot of each site at a point in time and then projects any changes as activity using our proprietary, company-specific models.  Web scours the internet for bespoke KPIs by company website including inventory levels by SKU, allowing you to anticipate future sales and better understand return on assets by tracking inventory levels and turnover rates.  Benefit from rich data history spanning 11 years for big picture analysis.

Combine Datasets for More Holistic Analysis

With website monitoring of companies not typically covered by other sources like transaction data, layer web into your analysis for more complete coverage. Top industries covered include: Automotive, Real Estate, Marketplaces, Lodging, and Entertainment.

Explore Product Trends

Web tracks KPIs tailored to each individual company tracked.  They may include Parent Company, Items Sold, Value of Items Sold, Inventory, and Purchase Data. Uncover trends and opportunities with different data cuts by brand, industry, product category, and more with SKU-level data.


In a world where data diversification is table stakes, Web by Consumer Edge, is an important piece of the puzzle for hedge funds and asset managers. Furthermore, its ability to provide company-specific, real-time, detailed consumer spending data opens new avenues for market analysis and investment strategy development. By integrating Web into your dataset arsenal, you can enhance your market intelligence, improve earnings forecasts, and gain a competitive edge in identifying investment opportunities.

See how Consumer Edge data can empower your insights—click here to request a demo of Web.

Consumer Edge is a leader in data-driven insights focused on the global consumer. With decades of experience providing leading hedge funds, private equity and venture capital firms, and corporates with alternative data. With data spanning credit and debit card transactions, scanner, and email receipt data, we boast deep coverage on hundreds of industries, sub-industries, tickers, and symbols year-round. Reach out about CE Transact, CE Vision, or our other products to see how you can benefit from CE’s unrivaled consumer intelligence.