Unlock Insights by Geography with CE Vision US, UK, and Europe Data

Consumer Edge recently launched its Europe dataset in our CE Vision product, further empowering private investor and corporate clients. This Europe dataset adds brand trends for Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK to its existing US data for a more global view into consumer spending trends. Here we’ll highlight how adding European data tells a more complete story about a company’s and their competitors’ growth for certain popular industries. All of the brands featured are showing significant calendar quarter-to-date differences in trends across the two continents. 

Apparel, Accessories, and Footwear Growth Differences in US vs. Europe

Athletic/footwear brands stand out as a key area for this divergence, with Foot Locker, JD Sports, and Adidas seeing much higher growth in the US, but Asics, Lululemon, Skechers, and North Face seeing much higher growth in Europe. 

Consumer Edge Transaction Data on Tickers: FL, JD-LON, ANF, Shein (private), ASC-LON, LULU, SKX, UA, VFC, ADS-ETR, HM.B-OMB, LEVI, URBN, ITX-MCE 

Home & Garden Growth Differences in US vs. Europe

Companies selling gadgets directly like SharkNinja and Ring are seeing much stronger y/y spend growth performance in Europe. Homesense is seeing more growth in its US home market. Furniture companies like Wayfair and IKEA are seeing flat to declining growth in both markets, but with the US much more negative than Europe. 

Consumer Edge Transaction Data on Tickers: SN, AMZN, TJX, W, IKEA (private)

Leisure & Recreation Growth Differences in US vs. Europe

Americans are spending more on longer-term pursuits y/y than Europeans are. Although the outlets are quite diverse, ranging from gambling site William Hill to adventure at Disney Parks to paying for dating match upgrades on Tinder. Meanwhile, Europeans are spending more y/y on single events through Ticketmaster and Eventbrite.

Consumer Edge Transaction Data on Tickers: 888-LON, DIS, TM, TNDR, EB, MTCH

Luxury Brands Growth Differences in US vs. Europe

Luxury appears to be one of the more divergent industries when it comes to spend. There are several companies seeing high year-over-year spend growth in one geography and high year-over-year declines in another. For instance, Europeans are spending substantially more year-over-year on Chanel, Calvin Klein, Gucci, and Tiffany while Americans are spending a lot less. In contrast, Americans are spending much more on Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss where Europeans are spending less. For Luxury brands, this may come down to something as simple as fashion trends and different preferences on each side of the Atlantic. 

Consumer Edge Transaction Data on Tickers: Chanel (Private), RL, PVH, KER-PAR, MC-PAR, BOSS-ETR, FTCH, 1913-HK, RMS-PAR, CFR-SW, BRBY-LON, MYTE, 9983-JP, MONC-MIL, CDI-PAR, GES

Restaurants Growth Differences in US vs. Europe

Aramark is showing the largest divergence, with high y/y spend growth in Europe and high single digit declines in the US. This could be due to differences in how companies in the two geographies are handling return to office, which would strongly impact cafeteria spend. It could also have to do with differences in layoffs at Aramark cafeteria companies. The US is showing a higher increase in purchases of sweets, with both Tim Horton’s and Krispy Kreme growing spend there while they are losing spend in Europe. 

Consumer Edge Transaction Data on Tickers: ARMK, QSR, YUM, DPZ, DNUT


CE Vision’s Europe data is not merely an expansion; it unlocks the door to more holistic understanding of consumer behavior across geographies. Now you can seamlessly navigate through both US and European datasets, with data illustrating market share trends, pricing insights, competitor dynamics, and channel performance.

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About the Author

Stacie Rabinowitz is the VP of Product Research at Consumer Edge. Explore more of her insights here and follow her on LinkedIn.