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In the quest for alpha, hedge funds and asset managers are constantly seeking new sources of data to outperform the market. Since 2009, Consumer Edge has been the leader in providing top hedge funds, asset managers, and institutional investors with alternative data.

Our flagship product, CE Transact, is the premier merchant attributable alternative dataset tracking consumer spend on credit cards, debit cards, and direct payments, with coverage spanning the United States, the UK, and Continental Europe. Let’s dive deeper into how CE Transact US empowers alpha generation for a competitive edge in financial markets.

Granular Transaction-Level Data

CE Transact US offers transaction-level data on consumer spending, allowing investors to dive deep into individual purchase patterns. By analyzing transaction data of over 12K tracked merchants, including 600+ publicly traded tickers and 80+ companies with same store sales calculations, portfolio managers can uncover hidden trends, identify emerging consumer preferences, and anticipate shifts in market forces before they become widely recognized.

Faster, Higher-Quality Insights

With daily and weekly signals, CE Transact US delivers timely insights that enable traders to stay ahead of the curve. Spend is recorded on transaction data and reported as early as 3 days post-swipe with most companies reported 4 days post-swipe. Whether it’s tracking same-store sales trends, monitoring online versus offline spending, looking at restaurant delivery versus on-premise, or dissecting demographic cohort views, investors have access to near real-time data that informs buy/sell/hold decisions and enhances their ability to capture alpha. While other providers may boast impressive panel sizes or deep dataset history, Consumer Edge takes pride in offering the largest panel and most history while also ensuring unprecedented accuracy. Plus, customers have access to a dedicated industry financial analyst for support with data interpretation, company-specific biases, and forecast methodology.

Proprietary Panelization and Data Synthesization

CE Transact US’s proprietary tagging and panelization methodology ensure data accuracy and reliability, laying the foundation for robust alpha generation strategies. By leveraging this methodology alongside dedicated industry financial analyst support and continuous monitoring of company news, funds can uncover actionable insights that drive alpha generation across various sectors and investment strategies.

Consumer Edge’s Insights team regularly provides clients with market hits where CE data was predictive of a company’s reporting earnings versus consensus estimates, as in the example below.

Flexible Product Offerings

CE Transact US offers a range of product offerings tailored to meet the unique needs of all investment professionals. From quant products to deep-dive panelized aggregated feeds to unpanelized transaction-level data, and tailored packages suited to companies of various sizes, firms can choose the delivery method and granularity of data that best aligns with their investment objectives and resource constraints, maximizing the potential for alpha generation. Plus, CE Transact US can be analyzed alongside other Consumer Edge products like receipt data, web data, and CPG scanner data, for more holistic analyses.


In today’s competitive landscape, alpha generation is the holy grail for hedge funds and asset managers. With its granular transaction-level data, timely insights, proprietary methodology, and flexible product offerings, CE Transact US provides the foundation for unlocking alpha in the financial markets. By harnessing the power of consumer spending data, hedge funds can uncover hidden opportunities, mitigate risks, and ultimately outperform the market, solidifying their position as leaders in alpha generation.

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Consumer Edge is a leader in data-driven insights focused on the global consumer, with decades of experience providing leading hedge funds, private equity and venture capital firms, and corporates with alternative data. With data spanning credit and debit card transaction data, scanner data, and email receipt data, we boast deep coverage on hundreds of industries, subindustries, tickers, and symbols year-round. Reach out about CE Transact, CE Vision, or our other products to see how you can benefit from CE’s unrivaled consumer intelligence.