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To truly understand most APAC companies, looking just at Asian markets isn’t sufficient. APAC companies have flourished expanding their presence globally. CE Transact data provides insight into 31 parent companies either listed or domiciled in APAC countries for investor analysis on global trends in the US, UK, and Continental Europe.

CE Transact is Consumer Edge’s flagship product, and is the premier merchant attributable alternative dataset tracking consumer spend on credit cards, debit cards, and direct payments, with coverage spanning the United States, the UK, and Continental Europe. Let’s explore how CE Transact’s global transaction dataset can unlock consumer insights and market opportunities for APAC investors.

Consumer Edge APAC Index

In the UK and EU, APAC companies have been expanding operations, exhibiting consistently strong growth versus the overall markets. In the US, the index has been showing variation month-by-month, with APAC company growth outperforming the overall market during the December holidays, growing on par in January, but sinking below the market average in February. Across all regions, APAC company growth in foreign markets decelerated in February versus the prior month, despite growth in all three markets accelerating overall.

Note:  Local Currency; CE APAC index is the sum of spend for 31 parent companies either listed or headquartered in an APAC country.

Top APAC Company Growth Outside of APAC

The fastest growing APAC companies in the US, UK, and EU are fashion brands. Newcomer SHEIN is leading the pack with year over year spend growth above 20% in all geographies. UNIQLO is not far behind, with double-digit spend growth across all three regions tracked by CE. Hong Kong-listed Prada is also seeing traction outside of APAC, growing its base in the UK.

Note:  Local Currency

Although all three of these high-growth companies are fashion brands, there are many aspects in which they differ as well. All three companies are domiciled in different countries. Within APAC, no country emerges as the clear winner in being able to make its offering attractive to foreign markets. They are all also at different stages of their lifecycles, ranging from Prada’s Italian roots dating back to 1913 to Uniqlo’s 1984 launch to SHEIN’s 2008 founding.


As APAC companies grow, they need to find new markets and new consumers. Consumer Edge’s global transaction dataset can help APAC investors understand this growth trajectory, and make appropriate investments in brands that are successfully expanding across their borders, 

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