Extending the Availability of Consumer Edge Data

Today we’re thrilled to announce an exciting milestone in our ongoing mission to deliver world-class actionable consumer insights. Introducing CE Vision EUR: augmenting CE Vision’s US and UK datasets with European data for a more comprehensive view into the global consumer.

What is CE Vision’s European Data?

CE Vision EUR broadens the scope of our coverage, now bringing you spend data from credit, debit, direct debit, and direct transfer accounts from European countries including the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, and Austria. The coverage of 5.8K+ merchant brands creates depth in our dataset, providing a more holistic view of consumer transactions across companies of all sizes. CE Vision EUR data will initially be available in machine readable file delivery for easy integration into your existing tools.

Unlock Global Market Share and Trends

Track Market Share Globally

With CE Vision EUR, businesses can now track market share globally, enabling a comparative analysis of market trends across both the US and Europe, fostering a more comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior and allowing for more targeted responses to changes in dynamics.

Expand Competitive Analysis

The addition of European data enhances competitive analysis capabilities, offering a more nuanced view of competitors to defend against across different geographies.

Analyze Global Spending Trends

Combing US, UK, and EU data allows for a more in-depth analysis of market trends on a global scale. From pricing trends to consumer shopping patterns, CE Vision EUR facilitates a comprehensive examination of market dynamics to inform business decisions.


CE Vision EUR is not merely an expansion; it unlocks the door to more holistic understanding of consumer behavior across geographies. Now you can seamlessly navigate through both US and European datasets, with data illustrating market share trends, pricing insights, competitor dynamics, and channel performance. We look forward to seeing the positive impact this release will have on your market analysis and strategic decision-making.

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