May 17, 2011STAMFORD, CT, May 16, 2011– Consumer Edge Research announced today the inaugural publication of the firm’s CER China Consumer Tracker, which will help Consumer Edge’s clients keep on top of key consumer trends in the most important emerging market in the world. The CER China Consumer Tracker captures the views of 2,000 Chinese consumers each month using a proprietary methodology to ensure a geographically diverse sample, capturing respondents from across China’s 665 largest cities. The sample is designed to be representative of China’s growing Internet population in terms of age, income, and gender. The first wave of the study was launched in October 2010. The CER China Consumer Tracker is designed to link consumer attitudes and macroeconomic conditions with category and brand-level behaviors in a wide range of sectors such as consumer packaged goods, retail, restaurants, apparel, luxury goods, and electronics. Key conclusions from the first published report include: The overall picture of China’s consumers in April 2011 was generally positive. Positive findings include: consumer confidence remains above levels seen during late 2010, wage growth continues to outpace cost inflation, and there is increased willingness to spend, which are all positive signs for spending among the consumer base in China. Negative findings include: an increase in the portion of consumers who are seeing higher real estate costs and finding it more difficult to borrow, which is a headwind for consumer spending. The CER China Consumer Tracker includes several proprietary indices to capture overall sentiment and trends, including: “China CER Consumer Economic Index”: The China CER CEI is a robust measurement of overall consumer confidence about economic conditions and expectations. After rising to a 6-month high of 107 in March, the CER CEI slipped back to 101 in April, but remains above levels seen in late 2010. “China Willingness to Spend Index”: The China Willingness to Spend Index is the roll-up of a dozen detailed questions about spending and economizing behaviors. After hitting a low of 96 in November 2010, the index has risen sequentially 5 months in a row and is now at 121, representing a 7-month high, a positive sign for consumer spending in China. “Buy China-Staples Index”: To quantify consumers’ willingness to purchase Western consumer staples products, the “Buy China-Staples” Index is a roll-up of six category-specific questions about preferences for purchasing staples made by Chinese firms. Compared to the October 2010 base of 100, the index has declined to 66 in April 2011, a positive indication for Western-based firms selling staples in China. Consumer Edge Research will be publishing detailed results each month including a comprehensive view of macro-economic conditions through the eyes of consumers as well as detailed industry vertical reports with company-specific information including: Retail, Staples, Restaurants, Consumer Discretionary. For additional information, please contact: Bill Pecoriello, CEO, Consumer Edge Research Peter Reidhead, Vice President, Consumer Edge Research David Decker, President, Consumer Edge Insight. About Consumer Edge Research: Consumer Edge Research LLC is a preeminent independent equity research boutique focused on the global consumer sector, including consumer staples and consumer discretionary. We generate non-consensus ideas combining uniquely thorough, fact-based, primary research with rigorous valuation analysis and perspective from years of covering our sectors. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the consumer and financial services industries. Our data are gathered both from global syndicated sources as well as primary research surveys, industry insights and other proprietary data collection. We offer a high level of service and responsiveness by keeping a focused client list. To learn more about CER please visit About Consumer Edge Insight: Consumer Edge Insight LLC is a market research and consulting firm that helps investors and companies that want to have deeper insight into how consumer behavior is changing around the world and how to profit from those changes. We help institutional and private equity investors make better investments by identifying which companies are most likely to prosper in the future and tracking company performance. We help companies monitor key trends and develop strategies to enhance shareholder value. To learn more about CEI please visit