Aug 02, 2018

Consumer Edge, the preeminent, consumer-focused equity research and alternative data boutique has launched CE-Q, an alternative data insights suite.

DATELINE, Aug. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — CE-Q connects the decision maker directly to simple and powerful tools that deliver insights necessary to gain an edge, all in the cloud via browser.  CE-Q’s analyst-friendly format delivers the paragon of integrated data science, engineering, and fundamental research.  CE-Q is designed to drive unique fundamental consumer insights for institutional investors, private equity, venture capital, consulting firms, investment banks, and any of the thousands of companies tracked by the platform. 

CE-Q debuts with the CE-Transact data stream. CE Transact is the premier credit/debit card transaction dataset with competitive advantages in shortened latency, panel representativeness, and metadata integration. CE-Transact has data on over 3000 brands, many of which have been aggregated into an expanding list of over 300 parent companies, both public and private. CE-Q distributes CE-Transact Daily Signal, which helps clients predict company financial performance, as well as our Ground Truth product, which includes actual company-reported results and key news events that can impact the correlation between transaction data trends and reported metrics.  Utilizing over a dozen demographic variables in CE-Transact, CE-Q enables fundamental research into consumer spending habits.   Analysts can conduct custom deep-dive analyses to unlock the key drivers behind company and industry consumer spending trends and assess their sustainability.

CE’s internal processes remove the pain points of working with big and complex data.  The transaction data delivered through CE-Q has already been anonymized, cleaned and panelized, with ongoing quality verification from Consumer Edge.  Bespoke dashboards provide significant flexibility for answering a wide range of inquiries on near real-time data that refresh automatically.  Gigabytes of data are scanned behind the scenes with insights computed and delivered on-demand in seconds. Results can be exported to be shared with other team members or integrated into financial models.

CE also rolled out an enhanced website providing clients with one stop shop access to CE Research, CE Portal data templates and CE-Q. The redesigned CE Portal allows clients to easily search, find, download and set email alerts for all CE data streams subscribed to in template form.   

Bill Pecoriello, Founder and CEO of Consumer Edge, commented “The edge in alternative data is moving well beyond just the signal. With CE-Q, conducting proprietary research for brand or category-specific theses on the most advantaged consumer-oriented data sets is a possibility for everyone. CE-Q is a platform that seamlessly integrates an expanding set of linked datasets as well as new analytic modules which will roll out continuously.  CE-Q is designed by analysts for analysts.”