Insight Flash: Leveraging CE Data to Understand Global Footwear and Athletic Wear Trends Across Geographies and Retailers 

Consumer Edge data reveals that the global footwear and athletic wear subindustry has been losing steam. As many consumers shift away from spending at reseller retailers, high income shoppers are turning to independent brands for their shopping experiences and driving growth among these brands across geographies.

Global Apparel, Accessories, and Footwear Growth Year Over Year

Many apparel, accessories, and footwear subindustries saw consumers shift their spending habits in the past year amid high inflation and a non-pandemic normal. While the lower cost alternatives like Consignment/Thrift and Fast Fashion subindustries have been outpacing many others, Footwear and Athleticwear has gradually declined throughout the 2023.

Footwear and Athletic Wear Growth by Geography

Looking closer at the Footwear and Athletic Wear subindustry, while the EU geography comprised of Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Spain was down this past year and the US market slowed, the UK had an impressive first half but began to decelerate in the second particularly against Q4.

Global Footwear and Athletic Wear Growth Year Over Year

Globally, new independent brand players like Vuori, On Running, and Alo Yoga have seen impressive gains while more established reseller retailers like JD Sports and Foot Locker have been struggling to grow sales.

Brand Composition by Income

These independent brand leaders are comprised of wealthier individuals who are less likely to trade-down, unlike customers of big legacy brands Adidas and Nike who are not as affluent.

As 2024 unfolds, it will be interesting to see how consumer income, inflation, and overall desire for athleisure influence the battle between legacy brands, independent brands, thrift, and fast fashion.

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