Video streaming is changing the global media landscape.  In today’s Insight Flash, we look at how this disruption differs in the US versus the UK, comparing market share and growth rates for streaming.

In the US, Video Streaming has continued to grow its share of total media spend among tracked companies since the beginning of 2019.  Share in June 2021 was almost double that of January 2019 at 13%.  In contrast, the UK history of publicly provided television and radio has led to very different trends as private services have become closer to the norm.  Among tracked companies, Telecom & Media spend share on Video Streaming has grown by a similar delta as in the US, up +6% in June 2021 from January 2019.  However, Video Streaming commands a much higher percentage of overall spend at over a third, with many fewer notable private media companies in the UK.  Additionally, Video Streaming in the US has seen consistent growth over the last year and half, while in the UK the sector saw a pandemic share peak that has since moderated.  Finally, very little Video Streaming growth in the US appears to have been at the expense of Cable & Internet Providers, which have retained an industry share of 25%-28% since the beginning of 2019.  But, in the UK, Cable & Internet providers have seen drops in industry spend share commensurate with Video Streaming gains.

Market Share

In the UK, Video Streaming spend growth has been led by Disney+ at 114% growth in the last year versus the year prior – this is likely aided by the fact that the brand only launched in that market in March 2020. In the US, where the service launched in November 2019, it saw 65% y/y spend growth. The US saw the strongest spend growth in at 111%, which was matched in the UK. The YouTube brand, which is largely payments to YouTube Premium, also saw strong spend growth in both markets at 107% in the US and 56% in the UK.

Video Streaming Brands

Note: Only brands tracked in both geographies listed; US data for 364 days ending 7/31/2021 vs. year-ago period; UK data for 364 days ending 7/25/2021 versus year-ago period

In the US, individuals are subscribing to more and more streaming services over time.  In January 2019, the average individual only made 1.5 Video Streaming transactions per month,  but by June 2021, that number was up to 1.9.  

US Transactions per Subscriber