Spanish multinational clothing company Inditex (ITX-MCE) recently reported quarterly earnings.

CE Global Transact data, which includes spend from all our geographic datasets (US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Austria), was predictive of Inditex’s (ITX-MCE) total revenue growth in Q1.

The company reported total revenue growth of +12.9%, above consensus expectations of +10.9%.

Inditex Total Sales Growth vs CE Global Panel Data

CE Global Transact also provides granular insights into brand-level performance. All concepts exhibited positive y/y growth in Q1.

This corroborates management commentary from the Q1 release, where it was posited that Spring/Summer collections have been “very well received” by customers.

Q1 ITX-MCE Spend Growth by Brand

ITX-MCE Sales Growth by Region

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