Lululemon has been in Warrior Pose lately, maintaining strong post-pandemic growth as a continued work-from-home environment has supported athleisure purchases.  And although Consumer Edge offers several datasets that closely track the company’s topline growth, our newly launched CE Receipt data and CE Web data allow additional analysis into a shopper’s basket.  In today’s Insight Flash, we take advantage of both datasets to better understand how the company’s growth has been driven by number of items in a transaction versus the price per item, and which categories have the largest price per item.

Overall spend per transaction online peaks in the fall in the United States, likely due to weather patterns driving the purchase of larger ticket items like pants, long-sleeved shirts, and jackets as opposed to summer tank tops and shorts.  October’s average ticket of $138 (through 10/30) was the highest since the beginning of 2019, up 9.2% y/y.

Online Spend per Transaction

Note:  Online only; October data through 10/30

Last month’s surge in US spend per transaction online was driven mostly by an increase in price per item to $67.12, versus $62.90 the month before.  Items per transaction also ticked up slightly though, to 2.1 items per transaction versus 1.9 the month before.

Items per Transaction Versus Price per Item

Note:  Online only; October data through 10/30

Since the middle of 2020, Men has been the highest price per item category at Lululemon in the US.  At an average price of $88.90 in 2021Q3, it was 15% higher than Women and 40% higher than Other.  This price per item is relatively flat versus the same quarter last year, but a 5% increase from 2019.  Notably, if Men with a higher average price is becoming a larger percentage of Lululemon’s business, that could be driving overall increases in spend per transaction.

Average Item Value by Category

Note:  Includes offline sales