An Exciting Product Update from Consumer Edge President

I am thrilled to announce an upcoming product launch that marks a pivotal moment for Consumer Edge. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence and the delivery of broad data coverage, we are introducing a highly anticipated expanded dataset for Transact US Prime, our preeminent privacy-compliant consumer transaction dataset tailored for sophisticated investors and corporate decision-makers.

Consumer Edge, the leading provider of advanced consumer data and insights solutions, is unveiling a substantial update designed to equip you with an unparalleled dataset, enabling smarter, faster strategic decision-making. This Prime update adheres to Consumer Edge standards whereby our synthetic data has been anonymized, deidentified and transformed via perturbation to ensure compliance with applicable US privacy laws and regulations while retaining all attributes necessary for thorough and accurate data insights.

This Transact US Prime enhancement will introduce nearly 30 million new active debit cards to the already extensive dataset of 63M+ debit and credit cards.

Here’s what to expect:

🔥 Unprecedented Expansion

We are amplifying our dataset with tens of millions of new debit cards, augmenting the accuracy and depth of our insights. You’ll be armed with a more comprehensive understanding of the market and consumer behaviors.

📈 Deeper Insights

By extending the breadth of our dataset, clients will gain invaluable historical context and unlock new dimensions of analysis to remain ahead of the curve.

🌐 Enhanced Representation

The newly added debit cards in this Prime update seamlessly complement the existing debit and credit card data, delivering a holistic representation of the US consumer population. This unparalleled coverage ensures that your investment decisions are rooted in a comprehensive and precise understanding of market dynamics.

💡 Improved Accuracy

Improved data correlations introduce an elevated level of precision to your investment process and corporate strategies. With better coverage of high-interest companies reliant on debit transactions, you will extract actionable insights that drive exceptional returns and seize lucrative opportunities.

💼 Fuller Wallet View

By establishing stronger linkages with consumer wallets, we provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of their financial landscape. This panoramic perspective empowers you to make well-informed choices that align with broader spending behaviors within and across industries.

With bigger, better Prime, we enter an exciting new era for alternative data. Prepare for a data-driven revolution that will enhance your critical decision making and establish new benchmarks of excellence.

We eagerly anticipate fueling the success of our existing customers with this dataset expansion and forging new partnerships as we continue on this journey.


Michael Pagano

President and COO, Consumer Edge

Consumer Edge is the leading provider of alternative data for consumer spending behavior, and the only provider of global revenue signals. If you’d like to benefit from using Transact US Prime or other products, reach out to