Market Hit: CE Data Illustrates How Demographics Drive CAVA’s Impressive Customer Frequency

Fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant company Cava Group (CAVA) reported total revenue growth of +27%, close to CE Implied reported growth of +26% and above consensus of +20%.

CAVA Total Revenue Growth YoY

*CAVA includes all CAVA owned brands (CAVA GRILL and ZOE’S KITCHEN)

The company has experienced faster growth of customer frequency vs. the overall Fast Casual Dining Subindustry, indicating that its offerings are resonating with consumers and drawing them back for more.

CAVA vs Fast Casual Dining Transactions Per Customer

Focusing in on the most recent calendar quarter, CAVA has seen outsized outperformance in the core “worker” demographics (ages 25-54) as it has expanded in both urban and suburban markets.  

CAVA vs Fast Casual Dining Difference in Transactions Per Shopper

*CAVA’s fiscal quarter ended 07/09/2023, whereas calendar quarter ended 06/30/2023

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