Market Hit: Leveraging Consumer Edge Data to Understand Dutch Bros (BROS) Earnings Beat

Consumer Edge US Transaction data was predictive of Dutch Bros (BROS) system-wide sales beat, as the coffee chain reported 31% system-wide sales growth, close to CE Implied Reported Growth of +33% and above consensus estimates of +23%. BROS management attributed the beat to their highly successful product launches of protein coffee and boba, as it resonated with younger consumers, a key focus area for the company.

Dutch Bros Reported System-Wide Sales vs. CE US Transact

BROS strong performance contrasted with coffee peer Starbucks, who cited weakness in the “occasional consumer” which likely skews younger. Starbucks stated a need for product innovation to win back this segment which seeks both variety and value. You can read more about the miss here

*Consumer Edge credit/debit card data, USA1+USA2 eMax Panel; Data does not include third-party delivery spend

Younger Consumer-Targeted Innovation Resulted in Share Gains

Dutch Bros product innovation could be resonating with younger consumers, resulting in share gains. Dutch Bros spend mix grew 2% sequentially in the 18-34 segment while Starbucks fell close to 1% sequentially and 3% over the past 2 quarters. Could these younger customers create a long-term loyal base for years to come?

*Consumer Edge credit/debit card data, USA1+USA2 Cohort Panel; Data does not include third-party delivery spend; STARBUCKS represents sum of STARBUCKS and STARBUCKS CARD brand spend

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