Insight Flash: Leverage CE data to understand the state of Temu in ecommerce against TikTok Shop and Amazon

Temu, the Chinese online retailer that has dominated app charts since its launch in 2022, recently spent $21 million on Super Bowl ads, an interesting move for a company that was growing at an exponential pace. Leveraging CE’s transaction level data, we examine how Temu’s share of the online retail market place has stalled, and the effect that TikTok Shop and Amazon have had.

Why Super Bowl Ads? Temu Online Spend Share vs. TikTok Shop and Amazon

Temu, the Chinese e-commerce retailer that has dominated app charts since its September 2022 U.S. launch, recently spent $21 million on Super Bowl ads. Many wondered why a company seemingly growing at an exponential pace spent so much on advertising. Leveraging CE data, we analyze Temu’s growth versus that of key competitors TikTok Shop and Amazon. Investors and companies can leverage these insights to uncover challenges in Temu’s expansion.

Temu’s share of total online spend grew rapidly throughout much of 2023, reaching a high of 80 bps in mid-November, before sharply declining to as low as 50 bps in December. It’s possible that this December decline was due to shoppers not willing to wait for longer shipping times as the Christmas holiday was rapidly approaching. TikTok Shop, the online marketplace launched by viral social media app TikTok, rose to nearly 30 bps around Thanksgiving time as shoppers flocked to the marketplace around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, before experiencing a similar lull around 20 bps throughout all of December. This moderation was largely due to Amazon, known for its two-day Prime deliveries, gaining nearly 400 bps in share from the beginning of December to the week preceding Christmas, likely due to shoppers ordering items for friends and family from an established market player. Temu did experience an initial January rebound, before its share slowed to 60 bps. 

Temu Customer Growth as Percentage of Amazon Customers

While early, Temu’s 2024 performance to-date suggests continued momentum in customer growth. However, a closer look at the data suggests that the rise in customer counts may actually be moderating. Looking at Temu customer counts as a percentage of Amazon customers (defined as unique customers at or Amazon Marketplace), Temu has about 6% of the total customers compared to Amazon as of January 2024, in-line with September.

In the context of this phenomenon, investors and companies will be keen to monitor CE data to determine whether Temu’s Super Bowl ads are successful in convincing consumers to “shop like a billionaire”. 

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