Insight Flash: Leveraging Consumer Edge CSA-Level Data to Examine CosMc’s Appeal 

CE data examines if McDonald’s new brand, CosMc’s, brings in new customers. Using CSA-level data, CE shows that CosMc’s attracts non-McDonald’s customers and appeals to an older, wealthier clientele.

Analyzing McDonald’s and CosMc’s Consumer Overlap in Chicago

McDonald’s (MCD) launched its small-format, beverage-led spin-off, CosMc’s, in December 2023, with a single location in the Chicago suburb of Bolingbrook, Illinois. The company has plans to expand the concept in Texas in 2024.   Leveraging our granular Combined Statistical Area (CSA) level data, we can measure customer overlap in the Chicago-Naperville area and compare customer profiles of CosMc’s and McDonald’s to determine whether the new brand is drawing in new types of consumers to the parent company. 

Over 15% of CosMc’s customers have not made a purchase at McDonald’s since November 2023, indicating that the company could be attracting a new cohort of individuals previously not interested in visiting the fast food behemoth.

Customers domiciled in Chicago-Naperville CSA only

CosMc’s Customer Demographic Breakdown

CosMc’s customers skew older and wealthier than those of who only shopped at McDonald’s in the same CSA, indicating that it could be tapping into a new set of consumers.

Time will tell whether these trends continue to play out as more CosMc’s locations open, and whether the company can attract and retain new loyal customers to its legacy brand.

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