Explore how CE Vision’s Cross-Industry Brand Basket dashboard can be used for cross shop analysis, with a deeper look into Lowe’s consumer transaction data.

Corporate clients are interested in uncovering which retailers are shopped on the same trip, in order to evaluate potential partnership opportunities or to identify ways to gain more wallet share.  CE’s Brand Basket dashboard allows them to do exactly that. Leveraging U.S. Transaction data, the dashboard displays valuable information such as number of trips at a given merchant in a particular time period and the number of trips that also included other brands, along with the average amount spent at each.

CE Vision Cross Shop Analysis Validates Lowe’s Petco Program Expansion

In this example, we examine a use-case for Lowe’s, as the company recently announced that after a successful store-in-store pilot program with Petco, they are planning on expanding from 15 Lowe’s stores to 300 stores by the end of the year. Lowe’s attributed the pilot’s success and subsequent expansion to the growing number of families in the country owning a pet – around 70% at the time of the announcement. CE’s Brand Basket dashboard shows why they considered this decision in the first place.

In the chart below, we see which subindustries1 are most commonly purchased by customers who have made a transaction at Lowe’s on the same day2. Looking at the subindustries listed on the chart, one can see that Lowe’s customers are often shopping at a Pet Products/Services company on the same day. After honing in on a particular subindustry, companies can then examine shopper behavior at particular brands to determine the best partnership opportunities.

1 Subindustries included are those not seen as a direct Lowe’s competitor. Those excluded include: Home Improvement, Wholesale Electrical Supplies, Wholesale Building Materials, Equipment Rentals, Farm Retail, Automotive Parts/Accessories, Office/School Supplies, Landscaping/Lawn Care, Home Furnishings, and Other Home Products. 
2 Time period is Sept. 2020 – October 2023

In addition to identifying which brands presented the best partnership opportunities, Lowe’s could have also used this dashboard to determine where to pilot this program. The chart below shows us the percentage of Lowe’s shoppers who also made a purchase at a brand within the Pet Products/Services subindustry on the same day.

Lowe’s Cross Shop Analysis in Rural Areas

The data reveals that Lowe’s customers living outside of a CSA (rural areas), as well as those living in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Texas, were more likely to make a purchase at a Pet Products retailer on the same day as their Lowe’s trip compared to Lowe’s shoppers overall. This data would have supported Lowe’s decision to pilot the program in those states and to focus its expansion on rural areas.

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