Explore how CE Vision’s Percentiles dashboard can be used for customer loyalty analysis, with comparisons against top competitors.

In addition to showing clients how brands, subindustries, and industries are performing, the CE Vision platform allows users to dissect and analyze demographic cuts and shopper cohort behavior. One dashboard available on the platform, Percentiles, offers a unique view into customer loyalty by showing what percentage of sales or transactions come from a brand’s most loyal customers, along with a breakdown of contributions from the remaining customer groups.

CE Vision Percentiles Dashboard: Customer Loyalty by Demographics & Industries

The dashboard has customizable features that allow you to choose a primary merchant and a set of competitor merchants, displaying metrics such as spend and transaction count. It also allows you to choose how to split up the groups – for example, if you choose 5 percentiles, it splits customers into 5 groups, each comprising 20% of the brand’s customer base.

As student loan payments resumed last month, we leverage the CE Vision Percentiles Dashboard to analyze how consumer discretionary industries might fare if their top spenders begin to tighten their wallets in the face of new headwinds. 

Focusing on individuals that are most likely to hold student debt*, those in the 25-44 age bracket, we examine key industries to understand how they may be impacted as the individuals in this age group allocate more of their money to paying off their student loans. The data reveals that the Apparel, Accessories & Footwear and Leisure & Recreation industries see a larger share of their total spend coming from their top spenders compared to the other two industries, suggesting a greater risk could be on the horizon.

* According to the Department of Education, 69% of the student loan debt in the US belongs to individuals aged 25-49.

CE Vision Percentiles Dashboard: Leisure & Recreation Shopper Loyalty by Brand

Taking it a step further, the chart below analyzes popular brands within the Leisure & Recreation Industry – the industry in the previous graph that had the largest dependency on its top shoppers. We can see from the graph that Disney Parks and Experiences is more dependent on their spenders from the top percentile – as that group represents 74% of the overall spend for the brand. While Stubhub is more reliant on their top percentile group than the CE panel overall, they could be less impacted than Disney by the threat to discretionary spending.

The percentiles dashboard shows the breakdown of customer percentiles for a given brand – highlighting how dependent that brand is on their most loyal customers and how that breakdown may differ from competitors. It’s helpful in determining the impact these particular customers have on the brand, and how the brand may fair if their loyalty begins to wane. By better understanding demographics of your most loyal customers, you can better target your marketing efforts and better communicate with existing customers to improve acquisition AND retention.

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