A particularly warm Memorial Day weekend this year provided perfect weather for beaches and grilling, as well as visiting theme parks and outdoor attractions.  In today’s Insight Flash, we take advantage of our partnership with WeatherOptics and our unique weather impact tracking capabilities to highlight which companies saw the biggest boost from the beautiful weather, and in which geographies.

As might be expected, a water park was the top beneficiary of the warmer weather.  Hurricane Harbor (formerly Wet ‘n’ Wild) in Phoenix saw a 26% positive sales impact due to the weather.  Michigan’s Adventure was another traditional theme park that saw weather-related spend improvement greater than 10%.  Other entertainment destinations for outdoor sports that experienced increases in spend due to weather included Mountaineer Casino, Brandywine Ski Resort, and Alpine Valley Resort.  Home furnishings retailers geared towards seasonal merchandise like HomeSense and Christmas Tree Shops also saw a boost, possibly as shoppers searched for patio decorations to make pool parties and barbecues more festive. 

Top Positive Sales Impact Due to Weather

Note: 5/28/22-5/30/22; subscription services removed; represents the percent of tracked spend that would not have occurred if no weather event had been present

Our weather impact data allows users to see the specific impact on a company by shopper geography, helping to understand the effect of national temperatures on travel plans.  In this instance, there was positive impact across the US for SIX, FUN, and MTN.  SIX saw especially strong weather impacts on the East Coast and in Texas, while all three companies saw increased strength in the Great Lakes and Southwest.  The center of the country, and particularly Nebraska, was the only spot of weakness across the three companies.

SIX Memorial Day National Weather Impact

Note: 5/28/22-5/30/22

FUN Memorial Day National Weather Impact

Note: 5/28/22-5/30/22

MTN Memorial Day National Weather Impact

Note: 5/28/22-5/30/22