Insight Flash: In light of Instacart x UberEats partnership announcement, CE data explores potential sales for both brands

Uber recently announced a strategic partnership to bring Uber Eats restaurant delivery to Instacart customers. As UberEats and many other restaurant delivery service providers expand their grocery and other retail verticals, this new partnership showcases Instacart’s desire to enter the restaurant space and compete there.  

Instacart Cross-Shopping

While about 30% of Instacart shoppers also shop at Doordash, just under 20% also shop at UberEats. This Instacart partnership may unlock a new market of individuals for UberEats and benefit both players as they compete with industry leader Doordash, especially as growth in its grocery vertical outpaces restaurant delivery.

Bridging the Age Divide Between UberEats and Instacart Users

Instacart mostly draws in individuals over 35 years of age, whereas UberEats’ customer base is concentrated in younger shoppers (>50% are under 35). The partnership may draw in Instacart’s older cohort to the UberEats brand and offerings.

The Instacart/UberEats partnership has the potential to impact both brands positively as each attempts to grow new verticals and reach new demographics in the US delivery market.

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