Market Hit: CE Transact Data Identifies Relative Footwear Winner in Wake of Vans’ Weakness

VF Corporation (VFC), a leading global portfolio of active lifestyle brands, recent reported earnings. As CE Transact data accurately identified Vans as a key contributor to VFC’s reported DTC revenue weakness, further analysis can reveal which footwear players benefited most from shoppers that abandoned the Vans brand.

In addition to helping investors forecast company-reported sales growth, CE data transaction is leveraged by our corporate clients to gain timely insight into the competitive landscape across consumer industries. In today’s report, we highlight the utility of CE data for evaluating footwear brands.

VFC Revenue Miss

VFC reported total direct-to-consumer revenue down -7.8% year over year, close to Consumer Edge’s U.S. Transact implied reported figure of -9%. The company also missed on total revenue and EPS.

VANS Underperformance Driver of VFC Topline Weakness

In their subsequent earnings call, VFC management noted that a key driver in topline weakness was the continued and worsening underperformance of VANS. CE Transact data reflected this same weakness in the brand, identifying it as a persistent drag on overall symbol growth. 

CE Vision Cohort Analysis Tracks VANS Lapsed Shoppers

Leveraging CE Vision’s cohort analysis tools, users can isolate lapsed VANS shoppers* and learn where those shoppers spent, instead, within the broader footwear space, in the last quarter. Most notably, runningwear seems to be the major beneficiary, though casualwear retailers such as JOHNSTON & MURPHY stand out, as well.

*Lapsed VANS shoppers defined as those shoppers who transacted at the merchant in the year-ago period (VFC fiscal Q3 ‘23) but did not transact in the most recent quarter (VFC fiscal Q3 ‘24).

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