Market Hit: Online marketplace giant Amazon (AMZN) reported total sales growth of 12.6%, similar to CE Global implied reported growth of 13.3% and nearly identical to CE Vantage growth figure of 12.4%, further projecting a directional beat of 11.4% consensus estimates. 

Online marketplace Amazon (AMZN) recently reported North America sales growth of 11%, in-line with CE implied reported growth of 11.1% beating consensus estimates of 9.3%.

Amazon US Reported Growth

Amazon’s reported total sales growth of 12.6%, not only similar to CE’s Global implied reported growth of 13.3%, but nearly identical to CE’s new Vantage growth figure of 12.4% further projecting a directional beat of 11.4% consensus estimates.  As a result, the stock opened +6% Friday morning after reporting earnings.

Amazon Global Reported Growth

In the most recent quarter, AMZN called out that their third party sellers grew 18% on a year over year basis, close to CE Global’s 1 year growth of 20.5% on a global basis. For more details on how Amazon is defending itself against up and coming retailer giants, explore this recent CE data analysis on Shein and TEMU.

Amazon Marketplace Growth

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