Insight Flash: Consumer Edge Data Reveals Which Foods Scored Big on Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday offers a rare opportunity for restaurants and third-party delivery providers to attract new customers and gain market share as Americans get together to eat, drink, and watch the big game. Using CE transaction data, investors and companies can assess Super Bowl Sunday performance for individual players, as well as track the overall share of delivery, takeout, and groceries over time.

Grocery Store Sales Tackled Restaurants

Grocery store sales growth outpaced both Limited-Service and Full-Service restaurants on Super Bowl Sunday for the first time in our panel’s history in 2024. 

*Consumer Edge USA1+USA2 panel; Sales do not contain third-party delivery spend

Super Bowl Deals Drove Restaurant Sales Growth

Super Bowl Sunday is one of many days throughout the year restaurants offer promotions such as BOGO, combo deals and order discounts. In 2024, restaurants such as Applebee’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Potbelly, TGI Friday’s and others participated in some form of a Super Bowl Sunday deal. Notable winners from 2024 who saw > 5% sales growth include Little Caesar’s, Round Table Pizza and Wingstop. 

*Consumer Edge USA1+USA2 panel; Sales from Feb 11, 2024 versus Feb 12, 2023; Sales do not contain third-party delivery spend

Super Bowl Food Delivery Sales

Super Bowl Sunday also offers opportunities for the major delivery aggregators to steal share and make customers stickier, commonly achieved through better promotions to pass subscribers. According to CE data, Doordash has consistently had a lower share during Super Bowl Sunday than the overall fiscal year and that continued in 2024. They have regularly taken share in delivery services in the remainder of the year, a sign that promotional offerings aren’t required for them to advance in the marketplace.

From food performance to Temu advertising impact, CE data offers an exciting glimpse into market changes around the Super Bowl 2024 and in years past, as well as other seasonal events throughout the year and across the globe.

Consumer Edge is the leading provider of alternative data for consumer spending behavior, and the only provider of global revenue signals. If you’d like to benefit from using CE Transact US, CE Vision, or other products for Super Bowl insights, retail data, and other industry data year-round to track trends and market hits like these, reach out to

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