Insight Flash: Consumer Edge credit and debit card data reveals that Streaming services see spend growth in the leadup to and the weeks that follow the Oscars.

With the success of last summer’s ‘Barbenheimer’ along with other top-rated films, streaming platforms can now capitalize on their success, as cinema buffs brush up on their movie knowledge ahead of this year’s Oscars ceremony.

Streaming Leaders Poised to Gain Oscar-Watching Subscribers

Streaming leaders Netflix, Hulu, Max, Disney Plus, and Peacock are poised to gain additional subscribers as movie enthusiasts get ready for the Oscars on March 10th, 2024. Hulu could see a lift from viewers who are looking to watch the Oscars live, while viewers looking to watch Oscar nominees Barbie, Maestro, Oppenheimer, and Elemental can do so on HBO Max, Netflix, Peacock, and Disney Plus, respectively. 

Video streaming growth has significantly decelerated over the past few years but has since been reinvigorated. Moves such as Netflix’s crackdown on account sharing and exclusive professional sports streaming rights are fueling the next leg of growth. 

Credit/Debit card data, USA1+USA2 panel

Streaming Spend Growth & Market Share Shifts

Streaming market share gains/losses have been muted, an indication that crackdowns on account sharing and rising prices are not impacting a willingness to pay for multiple video streaming services. Data from the past 6 months shows both Peacock and Disney Plus have gained share at the expense of Netflix, Max, and Hulu. 

*CE Credit/Debit card data, USA1+USA2 panel

Movie Research Encourages Pre-Oscars Streaming Sales

CE data reveals consumers spend more on streaming platforms in the weeks surrounding the Oscars despite a hesitancy to subscribe to multiple platforms during normal times. The event serves as an opportunity for consumers to try new streaming platforms and decide for themselves which films deserve their wins and empathize with those who may have gotten snubbed. 

*CE Credit/Debit card data, Cohort panel

Peak in Number of Subscriptions Per Person Around Oscars

CE data also shows that the number of subscriptions per individual increases around the time of the Oscars. In the months that follow, this number has declined, indicating that these new subscribers may churn shortly after consuming Oscar related content. 

*CE Credit/Debit card data, Cohort panel

The data shows that streaming services have a unique opportunity to impress new customers who eagerly await and prepare for Oscars season. The question is, how will they nurture those new customers into loyal subscribers?

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