Insight Flash: CE’s New Debit Cards are Driving Better Auto Parts Insights

With the recent incorporation of 30M new debit cards into our U.S. panel, CE data is showing improved relationships between transaction data and company-reported KPIs for Auto Parts and Services symbols, with correlations at 91% for AAP, 96% for AZO, 97% for MNRO, and 92% for ORLY. Digging deeper, clients can leverage CE data to dig into geography-specific trends to determine if weather events may impact a company’s quarter based on their sales exposure across the country. Explore auto parts insights below on these specific tickers.

Data Correlation to Company-Reported: Advanced Auto Parts (AAP)

Data Correlation to Company-Reported: AutoZone Auto Parts (AZO)

Data Correlation to Company-Reported: Monro Auto Parts (MNRO)

Data Correlation to Company-Reported: O’Reilly Auto Parts (ORLY)

CE data captures consumer (DIY) spend only. Business card (DIFM) spend not included.

CE’s recent incorporation of 30mm new debit cards sheds a new light on auto parts & accessories names since the new combined panel is even more predictive of company-reported revenue. 

Auto Parts Revenue Exposure by Geography

Auto parts & service sales can be materially impacted by weather and other regional factors, and each company’s geographic exposure can determine how drastic the individual impact is. CE transaction data cut by cardholder geography shows that all four of these companies’ operations have the most revenue exposure to the South, with ORLY and AZO depending more on the West than MNRO and AAP.

Automotive Parts and Accessories Subindustry Spend

Consumer Edge’s U.S. sales data has the ability to not only break out regional sales on a symbol-specific basis, but it can also show the broader Automotive Parts/Accessories Subindustry sales, inclusive of private brands, on a regional basis over time. This regional sales data could provide insight into the implications of shifting weather patterns in a given geography.

Consumer Edge is the leading provider of alternative data for consumer spending behavior, and the only provider of global revenue signals. Our data offers insights into not only auto parts but other hundreds of industries, subindustries, tickers, and symbols. If you’d like to benefit from using Transact US or other products for other industry data year-round to track trends and dynamics like these, reach out to

Michael Gunther is the VP Head of Insights for the CEIC. Explore more of his insights here and follow him on LinkedIn.