Insight Flash: CE data explores performance of Disney’s major product lines

Disney has been in the news quite a bit lately with talk of empty theme parks, a sale of its streaming business, or even an acquisition of the entire company.  Consumer Edge data enables tracking of three major inputs to Disney’s performance:  Parks & Experiences, Direct-to-Consumer Content, and the Disney Store. 

For Parks and Experiences, Consumer Edge transaction data can be a leading indicator of visitation as hotel deposits are required upon booking and park ticket sales are often also in advance because of the park reservation system.  The data can also be cut by cardholder home state, enabling the insight that although May and June y/y spend growth slowed for out-of-state guests, July spend through 7/12 has begun to accelerate. 

Note:  July data through 7/12

The data also tracks Net Adds for Direct-to-Consumer Content, showing that Disney Plus net adds have meaningfully slowed over recent months in conjunction with announcements of cutbacks and delays in programming.

Note:  Only captures subscribers to Disney Plus directly and may not include those paying for Disney Plus as part of bundles; net Adds calculated as the difference in current period customers versus previous period customers; annual subscribers are only counted as “current period” for the month in which they pay their bill.

Finally, Consumer Edge data on Disney Store average ticket shows that even Consumer Products may be taking a hit with y/y average ticket growth meaningfully decelerating in June and crossing into negative territory in the beginning of July.

Note:  July data through 7/12

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Stacie Rabinowitz is the VP of Product Research at Consumer Edge. Explore more of her insights here and follow her on LinkedIn.